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Land Cleaning 

Land clearing is the development of land with the intention of creating a potential use for agricultural purposes. Land clearing requires the removal of native cover ‒ including trees, bushes and boulders ‒ from the land surface. The land is subsequently broken to create a workable bed into which a crop can be seeded. Land breaking includes the removal of roots, stumps and rocks.

1. To convert barren lands through systematic land development and make them suitable for agricultural practices

2. To level the lands with gentle slopes for better irrigation by farming bunds to avoid soil erosion.

Plantation Services

Plants are the heart of a stunning Farm Land. Some people think of plantation very casual but it is quite rigorous to do plantation. One needs to do so much brain work to make Farm wonderful. Plantation Services provider has to be very creative to give gorgeous shape to Farm. Plantation services are all about the plant management in Farm.

Plantation includes many vital activities like selection of plants according to many parameters. Plantation services provider take care of space, soil, temperature, climate habits and then decide the best plant to make your Farm marvellous.

We will arrange all sapling as per requirement by clients.

We will arrange all other resources like Labour for Diging& Plantation, Water and Manure.

Take care of plant so that survival rate of Trees should be higher.

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Security Services

Bhoomi Infrastructures Provides best Security services for our clients To Secure your property from Trespassing and other activities (24/7)

We Provide

1. Security Guard Services

2. CCTV Monitoring

Construction Matreials

Bhoomi Infrastructures will also undertake all construction activities on property as per client requirements

We have previously undertaken boundary wall construction , Farm House constructions

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